Monday, July 8, 2013

Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?

My third son definitely gave us some problems when he was born.  He needed surgery at four months to correct a congenital defect in his skull where the bones had fused early.  Once we got that fixed, we thought we were home free.  Then, he was a late walker (18 months) and a late talker.  When we took him to an ENT, we discovered he had fluid in the ears.  He'd never had an ear infection, so it wasn't anything I had ever thought about until he failed the hearing test at the pediatrician.  He had tubes put in at 21 months and started talking soon after.  Thankfully, we didn't need to get him any special services, but I had the number for our state's Early Intervention program ready to go if he wasn't talking by two.

In my wanderings through Pinterest, I came across this infographic the other day.  I think it is really good for both parents and teachers, so they know what to expect.  And yes, it is OK if you're child is still mispronouncing words in kindergarten.  It may also be a great reference to have at conferences so your parents know what is developmentally appropriate or not.  (I was going to say "normal", but we all know normal is a relative term, right?)

I can't get the picture to get any bigger, but if you click on it, it'll take you right to the page with a bigger picture.

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