Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Freebie!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was pretty quiet.  My (almost) ten year old had a Cub Scout event on Saturday.  It was a combination obstacle course, scavenger hunt, and race all rolled into one.  He had a great time and finished third in his age group!

Sunday, I went and got the baby a new car seat.  She's out of the infant seat and in her own "Big Girl" seat.  I can't believe how fast she's growing!

Last, but not least, I've got a freebie for you!  It's a 2013 - 2014 calendar that you can use to organize your life next school year!  Here's what the month of July looks like.


I kept it pretty simple so that there's plenty of room for you to write and plan!  I love having a two page spread.  It makes it much easier for me to see everything in front of me.  You can download it here on TPT!

Have a great week!

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