Friday, May 30, 2014

Resuscitating the Blog (And a New Feature!)

Yeah, so it's been a few weeks almost six months since I last posted.  I'm trying to slowly figure out how to fit this blogging thing into my life, so there might be some fits and starts before I get it all worked out.

I've decided that one way to ensure that I'm posting more frequently (and not stuff that's dreadfully boring) is to do at least one weekly feature.  So, I'm going to start with "Get Fit Friday!"  Yes, I worked for hours on that name.  ;-)

I've been wanting to lose some weight and start exercising for the longest time, but I've never found anything that worked out for me and my schedule.  I'm working on a plan this summer that I think is something that I can start in the summer and continue throughout the year when things get completely crazy.  And, it won't cost you a dime!!  (Full disclosure: I am using Weight Watchers which costs money, but there are free alternatives as well.)

So, follow along this summer as I take you on my trip to getting fit!!

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